Toddler Haikus

Toddler Haikus

Inspired by and in honor of my absolutely amazing two-year-old son!


A beautiful day

With Daniel Tiger and friends

In the neighborhood.


Sometimes I’m amazed

At how many blueberries

He can put away


No outfit’s complete

Without his straw fedora

To make people smile


What two-year-old likes

Sparkling mineral water?

He’s got refined taste

Fubbles rock my world.

Greatest invention ever:

Bubbles that don’t spill.

He’s bursting with joy

Bouncing, giggling on the bed

Such a happy boy

photo 1

Watering plants is

Almost as fun as watering

Dad’s chalk creations

Selfies aren’t his thing

The front camera makes him scowl

I’m at peace with that.

Wading in the pool

He pooped in his swim diaper

And then he sat down.

Even if you’re mad

You’re not allowed to hit me

Time for a time out.

Remarkable child

He couldn’t be more handsome

Or more amazing


His afternoon naps

Are more valuable than gold

You wake him, you die.


Ear-damaging screams

Turn into giggles and smiles

When he gets his juice

New words every day

In English and español

Or his own language

Such a steady hand

He drinks out of mason jars

No sippy cup here!

Please use your manners.

Get that foot off the table!

Sigh…Fine, just at home.

Bibs don’t stand a chance

When you’re dealing with the force

Of a two-year-old

I don’t recommend

A rug under the table

Toddlers be messy


Have you seen my son?

He’s invisible again!

Oh, look! There he is!


Barreling toward me

Over and over again

To give me a hug

He loves to cuddle with

Panda, Buho, Mao Mao and

Daddy and Papa

He’s gotten so big!

Not a baby anymore

Where have two years gone?


Surrounded by love

He’s thriving and blossoming

And I am so proud


To sum it all up

The joy he brings to my life:





  1. This was such a delight to read. The adorable pics were an added bonus! It is great that you can show your love and appreciation in such a creative way!!

  2. So wonderful to read and see your sweet son.He is a beautiful,happy boy and he has blessed you with such love.What a treasure he is,as you are to him.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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