3 Year Old Haikus

In honor of my amazing son on his third birthday


Under the blanket

Together on the sofa

Hiding from tigers


The age of “por que?”

Endless curiosity

Learning more and more


Skinny arms and legs

His belly like a balloon

Big brown eyes and hair


Front facing carseat

So much more interaction

Papa! Look at that!


We shout with delight

With every bridge and tunnel

Along the freeway


No taking pictures!

Sick of the paparazzi

He’ll thank me someday


Tortilla maker

My helper in the kitchen

He’s truly a chef


Mi tortillero

Mi mejor asistente

Mi futuro chef


He must be my son

If sampling all our spices

Brings him that much joy


He looked so concerned

And gathered his toys and food

For children in need


Animal crackers

To get him to try to swim

Now he’s like a fish


Long, lean and agile

He powers through the water

This kid’s built to swim


Downward dog and plank

Superman and tabletop

I in alignment!


Gummy vitamins…

“I no eat my gummies day”

Ellis, that’s not true


An amazing host

He’ll offer you a pillow

And share all his toys


How can anyone

Hear one song so many times?

And still love it so?


I drive poquito?

Every time we get back home

Highlight of his day


During a meltdown

Nothing will satisfy him

Toddler life is tough


Potty training… Oy!

But in the end, he rocked it

Only took two days


I niño grande!

I pipí en orinal

I wash my manos


Right next to the dogs

He sits and stays for a treat

Of frozen green beans


Rocky and Sunny

Put up with so much from him

He really loves them


First year of preschool

Friends, learning, and non-stop fun

Absolute success


“Don’t wash my pelo”

Yet he can spend hours swimming

With eyes wide open


His broccoli speaks

In its own deep, funny voice

Before getting chomped


Starts with a timer

The bedtime routine won’t fail

Five books and three songs


Before bed each night

Left cheek, right cheek, and forehead

He gives three kisses


He’s such a happy guy

Not a care in the whole world

Just as it should be


Somersaults and hops

He’s a bouncing kangaroo

Giggling all the while


With him as my son

Each day is a miracle

Thank you, God. Thank you.

3 rings dads day



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